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Ekhya Junction


The single largest private residence in the country with 2,301 beds housing TUT students.

This purpose-built student village consists of 24 blocks and 342 apartments directly linked to the Pretoria West TUT Campus by an access-controlled footpath.

Umhlanga Junction


Two adjacent properties with 142 beds housing students from UJ.

A conventional apartment building with 61 beds and an adjacent three-floor container building developed by Citiq with 81 beds that are within an easy walking distance of UJ’s Kingsway Campus.

Mill Junction


A landmark student hostel with 374 beds housing students from WITS and UJ.

These silos in Newtown have been converted to a 14-storey student hostel in a landmark Johannesburg building.

YW Junction


A recently modernized residence with 223 beds housing students from WITS University.

This recently refurbished modern residence is a short walk from WITS. It is strategically positioned at the heart of the JDA’s Rissik Street Promenade improvement project, that is enhancing the aesthetics of the immediate area.

Tallis Towers


A landmark student hostel with 2301 beds

YWCA Soweto


YWCA is a Ladies Residence that caters for ladies of all ages who are registered with the University of Johannesburg. This Residence caters mostly for undergraduate students.