your welfare

is our priority

Student welfare and development

CJ Student’s engine, Student Life has made tremendous progress in ensuring progress within the students of all of our Junctions. We have made a number of amazing events and created cultures that creates a room for development, Innovation and creativity amongst and within our students.

Online elections of House Committee of Mill Junction

On women’s day, Mill Junction hosted soccer and girl’s plays and accumulated
donations to buy sanitary towels.

A workshop was done with Umhlanga Junction, YW and Mill Junction in
introducing the Student Life.

An honors board was also done to get our top achieving students to award
them for excellent performance.

To empower student wellness and welfare, we have developed inter residence programs which looks into engagements between the House Mothers, House Committees and the student popular. We also have an internship program for welfare and our students are given a platform to engage and participate as part of the company to boost and enhance their skills and development respectively.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote a balanced lifestyle, both personally and professionally, through intentional engagement, empowerment & diversity

 Student Wellness at CJ Students seeks to enhance the individual and collective health of our residence and wider community through a wide range of programs, services and resources.

In partnership with tertiary education institutions , academic units, student organizations and peer advocates, as well as the CGES Group Ecosystem Services Group, we develop, promote and advocate for a campus and community environment that creates, emphasizes and supports healthy choices and positive decision-making regarding health, safety and wellness.