Making The Difference

Making the difference

The Heher Commission of Enquiry, proposed options for student accommodation development to cater for between 50% and 80% of the student population; and estimate the cost and time  to be R147 billion over a 15-year period. Thereafter an estimated annual growth of 5% is required per annum to ensure additional demand is covered. This doesn’t begin to consider the R2.5 billion to cover a backlog in maintenance or a further R1.9 billion to update existing residences so they are fit-for-purpose.


The solution for government alone is near to impossible. Thus, the real solution is a combination of:

  • Private Finance development and operation
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • PrivatePartnerships, and
  • Precinct Development

This is where Citiq is making a huge difference. We are working with higher education because we know that collaboration is the key to opening the door to student accommodation.

 We are committed to making your life easier.

Real Homes

Our listings include authentic photos and videos of real homes. This way, you dont need to visit them!. You can rent a place months in advance, knowing exactly what you`ll find when you arive.

Secure Payments

To protect you from fraud, we never ask you to pay outside of the Student Intake Website. Your first payment is safe with us, and we only transfer it to the Residence Manager after you move in.

Convenience And Safety

In the unlikely case that your new place doesn`t match the information in the listing, report an issue within 24 hours of your move-in. We`ll temporarily freeze your payment, and find a way to help you .

Your Home away from Home

Providing the Tools You Need For Your Studies

Stay in the most beautiful cities in South Africa

Our Growth Strategy

Citiq plans to grow its affordable student accommodation portfolio to over 10,000 beds in the next five years. We also aim to even become the preferred manager of affordable student accommodation for others.

We have cemented firm relationships with major post-school education and training institutions. 

Management Systems

Our management systems allow the managers and maintenance personnel to manage the day-to-day operations of the residences. Each residence has a residence manager and house mother/father with whom the students can interact.

This ensures risk management, maintenance, communication and student satisfaction.


Financial Backing

Our largest investor, Futuregrowth, is a specialist investment company and a member of the Old Mutual Investment Group. This provides Citiq with access to institutional funding. We have a scalable business model ready for growth and meaningful impacts in addressing the need for student accommodation from an affordable, social and economically feasible point of view.